Sustainability at home

Tips for sustainable living

What you can do?

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage offers up to date tips on making smarter choices on water and energy use, reducing waste, recycling, choosing energy efficient appliances and saving money. 

Borrow an energy meter at your local library

Keep an eye on your energy usage by identifying which appliances are costing you the most. The Power Mate Lite energy meters measure the power an appliance uses both when in operation and also in standby mode - which can account for 10% of electricity consumption in the average home.

Energy meters are available to borrow from all Byron Shire libraries.


  • Rainwater Tank Rebate Program 

Rebates are accessible for residential town water customers in the Byron Shire. The Rous County Council Rainwater Tank Rebate program is available to eligible residential town water customers in the Rous region who wish to reduce their consumption of town water by installing a rainwater tank. Find out if you are eligible, and information on how to apply at Rous County Council . 

  • Energy affordability package

On 3 September 2017, the Premier announced an energy affordability package to help households and small businesses save energy and money. The package includes rebates, upgrades to appliances and equipment, and the removal of exit fees when changing energy retailers, so you're free to choose the best deal.

Their website provides access to energy affordability information and programs for households and small businesses. See what's on offer.


Other services and programs

  • Repower Byron Shire, Turn on the Sun

Repower Byron Shire is a community movement led by COREM and Enova Community to support and inspire the transition to a renewable energy future. It’s about switching on people power by decreasing the cost of electricity, increasing local power generation and reducing carbon emissions.  The Repower Byron Shire campaign encourages people, like you, to strive to become Repowered.