Small Change Grants Program for Young People

Council recognises and values the contribution that young people bring to the Byron Shire community with their energy, ideas, perspectives and liveliness.

The aim of the Small Change Grants Program is to support young people to participate in community life: having a voice, joining in and gaining experience in leadership roles.

The grant is aimed at young people aged between 15 and 25 to apply for a small grant to help fund a project that will benefit young people in Byron Shire. Young people need to be auspiced by an organisation, must live in the Byron Shire and must deliver the project in Byron Shire. 

When is funding available?

Applications closed on 3 April 2020. 

About the Small Change Grants Program for Young People  

Council funded two projects $2,000 each, that are conducted by young people, for young people in the Shire. 

Rainbow Youth – 'there is always a place for us’

Rainbow Youth will be a six-week program aimed at helping LGBTQIA+ youth of the Byron Shire, providing a safe, friendly environment for sharing and collaboration. Due to COVID-19, the group is planned to start later in the year, giving young people the chance to express themselves, their emotions and their ideas.  This project is being auspiced by the Byron Youth Centre.

Northern Rivers Youth Magazine 

Northern Rivers Youth Magazine, auspiced by Byron Bay Community Association, involves development of a magazine for young people by young people, under the guidance of professional magazine editors. The magazine will inlcude:

  • articles
  • poetry
  • events
  • opportunities
  • campaigns
  • ideas
  • concerns
  • artwork and designs. 

A core team of young people will be involved in all levels of management and production of the magazine and during its development, the team will receive support from other magazines, businesses and organisations. 

The following document outlines the program in detail

Small Change Grants Application Form 2019-20(DOCX, 65KB)


For further information contact the Social and Cultural Development Team on 02 6626 7000.