Byron Arts & Industry Estate Precinct Plan

The Byron Arts and Industry Estate has evolved from a local service centre to an eclectic mix of businesses and residential uses.  While this has brought vitality to the place, it has also resulted in a number of significant functional issues, including traffic and access.

Following community consultation, site investigations and a collaborative Enquiry by Design process, a Precinct Plan has been developed to provide a framework to address these issues and build a strong platform for the future of the Estate.

Download the Byron Arts and Industry Estate Precinct Plan(PDF, 11MB)

Next steps

Our ‘Place Planning Collective’ , a group of community members, staff and Councillors will guide the implementation of actions in the Precinct Plan.

Our BA&IE Precinct Plan delivers a shared vision that celebrates the rich history of the BA&IE as a lively hub for innovation, industry and creativity. It presents a pathway forward that seeks to establish harmonious relationships between the economic, natural and built environments to create a sustainable, user friendly precinct that will actively nurture future generations of entrepreneurs.

The objectives and key actions are presented through the lens of five key themes that capture both the opportunities and challenges of the Byron Arts & Industry Estate:

  • Creative Economy
  • Mobility & Access
  • Environment & Climate
  • Land Use
  • Built Form, Character & Density

A short-term goal to be delivered as part of the overall precinct plan is to trial a one-way traffic route on Centennial Circuit.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions this has been put on hold until activity within the BA&IE returns to normal.  We are in preparation for the trial to begin, stay tuned - we will be contacting all land and business owners and doing lots of media before we start the trial.  Or you can contact our place planners by phone or email:

Rob Van Iersel Ph: 6626 7054  Email:

Andrew Fitzgibbon: Ph: 6626 7139  Email: