Dog safety and animal education programs

Animal education officer presenting to preschool kids

Our Animal Education and Enforcement Officer is offering free presentations to local primary schools and childcare centres on dog safety and responsible animal ownership.

These presentations aim to educate children about dogs and their behaviors and teach them how to be safe around them.

The presentations are available in two versions:

Dog Safety

Younger children (K-2). It covers:

  • how to read dog body language
  • how to touch or pat a dog safely
  • how to protect yourself around strange dogs. 

Responsible Animal Ownership

Grades 2 to 6. It covers:

  • responsible pet ownership (cats and dogs)
  • how ‘being responsible’ protects our wildlife and keeps our community safe. 

Our officer will talk about their job as an animal ranger. Students will be shown how roaming or problematic animals are looked after in the enforcement vehicle so we can take them to the pound for safe keeping while we contact the owners.

Both sessions include a toy dog for children to practice patting and a scanning tool to learn about microchipping.

Presentation information

The presentations are available in PowerPoint or without if preferred, with plenty of time for questions.

As part of the education program, children will receive an environmentally-friendly goodie bag and free dog leads and collars.

We can also develop individual courses for schools that involve other dog or cat matters of interest.

Our officer has all the necessary qualifications and checks. Bookings can be made for a time that suits your timetable.