Pet registration and microchipping

Dog and cat

Microchipping and Registration is a two part process that requires dog and cat owners to:

  1. Have their animals implanted with a microchip from the time they are 12 weeks of age, at point of sale or change of ownership (whichever occurs first).

  2. Register their animals with their NSW local council by 6 months of age.


Register your pet

Registration can be completed online or at any NSW local council.

Register your pet

Registration fees

Registration fees are once only for each dog or cat.

View registration fees

Keep your details updated

As the current owner, it is your responsibility to provide us with the ‘new owner’ details should you sell your pet or give your pet away. You must also update you pets details with us when you move house or change your phone number.

Change pet owners details

You may want to create an owner profile with the NSW Pet Registry.

This register allows you to:

  • update your contact details online

  • report your pet missing online

  • change the ownership of pets online

Alternatively forms are available from Council's offices at 70 Station Street, Mullumbimby, or call 02 6626 7000.  

If you have notified us of change of ownership of your pet and did not know the current owner's details, the animal will still show in your name until the new owner changes the details.