Bow Wow! Look at me now! Dog training event

Image of an obedient dog with a leash in its mouth. The tag line Bow Wow! Look at me now! is written beside the dog.

The inaugural Bow Wow! Look at me now! event was held in 2019 at the Mullumbimby Showground. Over 100 dog owners benefitted from:

  • interactive dog training sessions
  • vet checks
  • nail clipping
  • micro-chipping
  • dog washing
  • a riverside nature walk
  • sausage sizzle
  • doggie gift bags. 

Many dog owners heard about the event via Council’s Enewsletter as well as other media.

The fun Bow Wow! Look at me now! event also provided a top story for prime-time, regional TV news

Dog training sessions especially focused on the wildlife-avoidance finger-point technique - ‘Ah-ah! Look at me!’  to keep dogs under control and safe in case they encounter koalas, birds, snakes or other wildlife around our biodiverse shire.