Before you get a pet

Image of grey tabby cat in the forest with long blue lead on the ground.

Before you get a pet consider the following:

  • Are there likely to be changes in your life such as travel, having children, moving home that may impact your ability to keep the animal?
  • Are you willing to care for the animal for its entire lifetime?
  • Can you regularly exercise the animal to minimise boredom related problems?
  • Can you afford the costs such as vaccination, registration, microchipping, vet bills, food and upkeep?
  • Will your partner or family be committed to keeping the animal?
  • How big is the place where you live? Has it got an adequate exercise area? Is your yard fenced?
  • Have you got particularly sensitive neighbours?
  • How big an animal should you get?
  • What are the needs of the individual breed? Does it have health problems which could be costly? Is it likely to want a lot, or little exercise? Is it likely to be aggressive? Are they good with children?
  • Do you live near sensitive bushland or native species habitat?
  • Is this just a fad? Do you really want the commitment?