Recycling at events


We host hundreds of wonderful public events each year, many of which implement innovative waste management strategies.

If you are planning an event in Byron Shire, you need to consider how you are going to manage your waste and recyclables.  It is important to start the planning of waste management in the initial stages of your event organisation.

Your event waste management plan

An event waste management plan is required by Council where:

  • A Development Application is required for the event
  • It is requested by Council
  • 100 patrons or more are expected and food and/or alcohol are served.

Download an Event Waste Management Plan.(PDF, 234KB)

This plan helps to identify what kinds and how much waste your event will generate and how you plan to collect and remove that waste.

The event waste management plan must be submitted to the Events and Grants Officer prior to an event permit or licence being issued.

Waste should be avoided and reusable materials used where possible. Where waste is unavoidable, recyclable or compostable materials should be utilised.

The waste management plan will be assessed by Council’s Resource Recovery division, in conjunction with Council's collection contractor, Solo Resource Recovery. This may result in approval, recommendations to alter the plan and/or the insertion of conditions into the event permit or licence.

Council support for your waste wise event

Council's Resource Recovery team is happy to help you plan your waste wise event by:

  • Assisting you with your Event Waste Management Plan.
  • Delivering and servicing 240L organics, recycling and landfill bins for your event (fees apply).
  • Providing organics, recycling and landfill bin event lids. These are a great way of providing extra education and improving resource recovery at your event.
  • Providing advice on waste minimisation and avoidance strategies.
  • Helping you locate waste contractors and sources for recyclables.
  • Providing information on recyclable and compostable packaging suppliers.

Call Council’s Resource Recovery office on 1300 652 625 and the team will be happy to work with you to plan your waste wise event.

Event waste collection charges

Council arranges provision of 240L general waste, organics and recycling bins and services as set out below, and will invoice the event organisers accordingly.

 Bin service  Cost
 Delivery of bin, 1x collection service/pickup and removal of landfill (red) bin    $35.00 per bin
 Delivery of bin, 1x collection service/pickup and removal of recycle (yellow) bin  $20.00 per bin
 Delivery of bin, 1x collection service/pickup and removal of food & organics (green) bin  $20.00 per bin
 Additional service/pickup of waste, recycling or food & organics bin (per service)  $10.00 per bin
 Additional servicing of Council's public place waste and recycling bins resulting from events  TBA

All prices include daytime delivery, pickup and servicing. If your event requires services outside the hours of 7am - 4.30pm, extra charges will apply.