Supporting housing above Council owned carparks

Zedpod housing over carparks. Courtesy Zedfactory

Council has resolved to provide in-principle support to diverse, lower cost and accessible housing above Council owned car parks. 

The development of this housing is not intended to decrease the current number of available car parking spaces.  

Submit your ideas for affordable housing

This initiative is open to Registered Housing Providers or a Charitable Organisations. Please send in a five minute video submission pitching your ideas or examples for a mixture of affordable housing types above Council owned car parks. 

An information session will be held to learn more about the requirements, possibilities and challenges associated with constructing housing over Council owned car parks. 

The outcomes will be reported to Council to determine if the project should progress.

Videos can be uploaded using the online Expression of Interest form. 

For more information see the Expression of Interest(PDF, 204KB) brief.