SEPP 70 Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme

We are currently developing a SEPP 70 Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme (AHCS) for our Shire.

An Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme provides detail about how, where, and at what rate development contributions can be collected by councils for affordable housing. 

This is guided by:

Contribution schemes apply to developments that are facilitated by 'upzoning'. Upzoning is a change of zone to enable residential development or a change of planning controls, for example a floor space ratio that enables greater residential density on the site. 

As part of the preparation of the scheme it is necessary to identify areas for future upzoning. Our Byron Shire Residential Strategy, adopted in December 2020, identifies residential investigation areas with potential for future upzoning.

Where are we now?

Peer review of Residential Strategy 

The Residential Strategy was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment DPIE for endorsement on 21 December 2020.

The Department has requested a peer review of the Residential Strategy to include more consideration of:

  • the number of future dwellings required,
  • capacity to deliver these,
  • impacts of Short Term Rental Accommodation on supply. 

The Peer Review started in July 2021 and will take one month to complete.

Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme planning proposal 

A planning proposal for the Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme was submitted to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on 18 June 2021. 

The Department on 22 June 2021 returned the planning proposal on the basis that it was considered premature due to its complex interaction with the above housing matters.

The planning proposal is unable to progress until the Peer Review of the Residential Strategy is completed.