Affordable Housing Contributions Policy and Procedure

The Affordable Housing Contributions Policy offers a framework to facilitate, provide and manage affordable housing contributions in our Shire.  It provides a mechanism to secure land and or monetary contributions to deliver affordable housing on certain land identified in the Residential Strategy.

The policy guides how contributions will be obtained through a voluntary planning agreement or the NSW State SEPP 70 Affordable Housing Contributions Scheme as a condition of development approval.

A procedure has also been developed to assist with the implementation of the policy and provide more detail on how Council intends to operate the contribution framework.

This policy relates to development on land which has been facilitated by an upzoning. 

An 'upzoning' is a change of zone to enable residential development or a change of planning controls, such as floor space ratio which enables greater residential density on site.

Land being considered for a potential upzoning has been identified in the Residential Strategy in Mullumbimby, Bangalow and Belongil.

The accompanying procedures set out the contribution rates as follows:


Greenfield (new release) Investigation Areas

Mullumbimby, Bangalow and Belongil private land housing contribution areas:

  • 20 per cent of the additional lots or developable areas whichever the greater that is to be used for residential uses

Mullumbimby Council land housing contribution areas:

  • 30 per cent of the additional lots or developable areas whichever the greater that is to be used for residential uses.

Infill Investigation Areas

Mullumbimby old hospital site (Council land) housing contribution area:

  • 30 per cent of the additional dwellings or total gross floor area that is to be used for residential uses.

Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment (Planning Agreement) Direction 2019 councils are required to prepare and publish a policy that sets out the circumstances in which it may seek a Planning Agreement for affordable housing. 

The Policy sets out how Council intends to accept affordable housing contributions that are delivered through:

  1. a Planning Agreement or
  2. an Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme.