Schoolies Safety Response

The Byron Bay community support the Schoolies Safety Response which includes a range of strategies aimed at keeping young school leavers on holiday safe while visiting Byron Bay.

Schoolies dates for 2018

Week 1 - 17 - 23 November
Week 2 - 24 - 30 November

Look after your mates

Have a great Byron Bay holiday, but please look after each other. That's the key message from Byron Shire Mayor to the end of year School leavers arriving in Byron Bay.

"Let your hair down and enjoy our magnificent Shire, but be responsible for yourself and friends and be respectful of the town. You've come to the best place in Australia to relax and chill out, make it memorable for all the right reasons and not the wrong."

Make new friends and explore the region, but drink responsibly, pick up your litter, swim between the flags and not at night, and don't drink and drive. And most importantly, look after each other."

It’s all about respect and responsibility – respect for yourself, your friends and others, and our town, residents and businesses as well,” he said.

The Schoolies Hub on Main Beach is a great safety net for the young adults. Staffed 24 hours a day with local volunteers, the Schoolies Hub is a good starting place if you do need help. Minor first aid help is available and there will be an increased Police presence to cope with the extra visitors in town.

Our friendly locals haven't forgotten what it's like to be young and will assist wherever they can. In the true Byron Shire spirit, there are many local parents, grandparents and community supporters who will be on duty to help the young school leavers. Council thanks these volunteers for their time and support of young people and caring for the town of Byron Bay.

Schoolies are young school leavers, generally on their first holiday without parents, and is usually a celebration of the end of their school life. May school leavers are under the legal drinking age of 18 and in past years have congregated in Byron Bay's parks and beaches which has caused some concern for local residents. The Schoolies Safety Response was established in 2009 by the coming together of several Byron Bay-based organisations and groups, to put in place a range of strategies to keep young people safe and mitigate the negative impacts of large groups of people gathering together regularly over a two week period. It is estimated that approximately 10,000 young people visit Byron Bay during the two weeks of Schoolies each year.