Flood clean up and waste

Free flood waste drop off has finished. Exceptions may apply. Please call 1300 652 625 for more information.  

Rural communities 

If you no longer have bins, please call the Resource Recovery Hotline, 1300 652 625 to organise replacements.    

NSW Government help with flood debris on public and private land

The clean-up large flood debris, such as cars on private land, public land and in some waterways is managed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.  

We know there is some angst in the community about large flood debris, such as cars, that remain on private land, public land and in some waterways. The clean-up of much of this flood debris will be managed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority.  

For the clean-up man-made or hazardous flood debris that has washed up or moved onto private land

Large or hazardous flood waste on the beach, or in rivers and waterways

More information about all flood clean-up programs

Please note the recovery of insured vehicles will be the responsibility of insurance companies.

Hazardous waste such as paint, oil, gas bottles

Hazardous waste such as paint, oil tins, gas bottles, can be taken to Byron Resource Recovery Centre for free.

Please do not place these items on the kerbside as this poses a public health and safety risk.


Some homes and structures damaged by flooding may contain asbestos.

Asbestos products are generally not dangerous if kept in good condition. If an asbestos product is broken or disturbed in any way, it is extremely hazardous.

  • Do not put asbestos out for kerbside collection – it is a serious health hazard.
  • Contact your insurers to engage specialised contractors to remove asbestos waste if possible. 
  • Do not attempt to remove the product yourself without seeking advice or assistance.
  • Any residential or small business flood-generated asbestos waste should remain onsite in a safe location.

Managing small amounts of asbestos

If you’re unsure whether you have asbestos:

  1. Get an asbestos removal and test kits from Council. It takes five days to get the results.
  2. Safely wrapped and store onsite.
  3. Call the Byron Resource Recovery Hotline 1300 652 625 to book in for this waste to be collected. 

For more information about removing less than 10m2 of flood-damaged asbestos waste, see Managing asbestos in emergencies and disasters

Managing larger quantities of residential or small business asbestos waste

If your property is insured for flood damage, a claim for damages should include the management of asbestos waste. 

For uninsured properties with over 10m2 of flood-damaged asbestos waste, a request for advice can made via Service NSW Property assessment and demolition program