Safety in public spaces

How our public spaces are designed, used and maintained plays a big part in making people feel safe.

Find out more about some of the ways we make public spaces feel safer.

We design spaces that improve safety and reduce crime using the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

We also encourage new development in public areas to be designed in ways that help prevent crime. This includes:

  • Allowing for clear sight lines.
  • Natural surveillance.
  • Good lighting.
  • Removing spaces where offenders could hide.

You can read more in Chapter B11 of our Development Control Plan(PDF, 286KB).

All new lighting in parks and public spaces is designed to meet or exceed Australian standards to help increase safety and visibility after dark.

We also work with NSW Police to identify areas for improvement through Community Safety Audits.

If you would like to request a new light or you want us to assess a lighting problem, please call us 02 6626 7000.  


Illegal graffiti damages public and private property, costs our community money, and can make people feel less safe.

All illegal graffiti should be reported as soon as you see it.

Report graffiti by phone to: Council on 02 6626 7000 and Police on 131 444

Graffiti removal 

Removing graffiti is the responsibility of whoever owns the property that’s been vandalised.

We remove graffiti from Council-owned property as quickly as possible.

Graffiti prevention

Some simple steps that can help prevent graffiti include:



Closed circuit television (CCTV) is used in some public spaces across the Shire to reduce and prevent crime. CCTV footage can also help police to identify offenders if a crime takes place.

CCTV footage

The cameras send images to the Byron Police Station where the system can be monitored by the NSW Police, particularly in the event of an incident or at peak times.

The recorded images will only be used and/or disclosed for law enforcement or other lawful purposes. All recorded images that are not part of any ongoing police investigation or court proceeding, or not required for any other lawful reason, will be deleted after approximately 30 days.

Camera locations

Improved lighting and CCTV cameras have been installed in Apex Park and Jonson Street in the Byron Bay CBD.

  • Apex Park – cameras 1 to 5.
  • Corner of Jonson and Bay Streets – cameras 6 to 8.
  • The Balcony, Jonson Street – cameras 9 to 13.
  • Taxi rank, Jonson Street – cameras 14 to 20.
  • Corner of Jonson and Byron Streets – cameras 21 and 22.
  • Railway Park – cameras 23 to 26.
  • Transit centre, Jonson Street – cameras 27 to 29. 

View a map of CCTV locations(PDF, 4MB)