Access and inclusion

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Council is committed to inclusion for people with disability. Disability inclusion is embedded in our core business, including strategic planning and reporting, as required by the NSW Disability Inclusion Act (2014).

Access Consultative Working Group (ACWG)

The ACWG includes people living with disability as well as service providers and council representatives. This group provides a link between the community and Council for issues relating to disability access in the Byron Shire. It also keeps Council's strategic planning inclusive by monitoring and reviewing Council’s disability inclusion action planning.

Current Membership:

  • Gunela Astbrink
  • Kelly Banister 
  • Rebecca Brewin
  • Max Brown
  • Andy Graeme Cook
  • Lyn Kemp
  • Richard Hill
  • Craig Scanlan
  • Shay Churchill
  • Cathy Graeme Cook

View the ACWG Terms of Reference

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Byron Shire Council's Community Development Team
Phone: 02 6626 7000