We want to help new land holders and existing farmers who are looking to be more productive and sustainable. 

Join our farming community, book in an onsite farming consultation and check out the farmers toolkit.

Guides for new farmers and landholders

Are you new to farming or thinking of buying land? These guides have been developed to help you. 

Farmers Farms and cows do moo! A guide for new rural landholders in Byron Shire(PDF, 15MB) 

For people thinking about buying land in rural Byron Shire. This book discusses what you should be aware of when looking at land and thinking what you may do with it. We hope this helps you make a more informed decision on your purchase.

Starting Out - An introductory guide to farming in the Byron Shire(PDF, 9MB) 

For people that have bought farmland in the Shire but are not sure what to do or where to start.  

Regenerative agriculture

We recognise that regenerative agriculture is a necessary path to follow with our land to ensure that we can create a sustainable productive future.  

Regenerative Agriculture in its simplest form is working with nature not against it to produce food. 

Farming regeneratively draws down carbon out of the atmosphere, put’s it into the soil where it belongs to improve fertility whilst feeding us some of the best food on the planet.

This is easily one of the best solutions yet to the climate crisis we are facing.

Regenerative Agriculture Definition  

YouTube videos

Agricultural Extension Officer Andrew Cameron Discusses Regenerative Farming 

Farming Collaboration

You don’t need a farm to farm, and you don’t need to be a farmer to have your land be productive. There are ways to make your land more productive:

  • Farming with neighbours.
  • Bringing on farmers via lease arrangement.
  • Share farming.

If you have land and want it to be used, or are a farmer wanting to farm, please get in touch with Andrew Cameron.

Or check out these great resources.

Farming Together

A great array of resources and case studies, models and co operative business planning tools.

Learn about collaborative models

Young Farmers Connect

Young Farmers Connect (YFC) - Northern Rivers Facebook group is a great network of young and new farmers. Join the Facebook group to make enquiries, connect with fellow farmers, keep in formed of field days and workshops that may come up. You don’t need to be a young farmer to be involved.  

Farm Links - Young Farmers connect  

Young Farmers Connect is a portal for land holders and farmers. Create a profile, find a farm or find a farmer. Land use opportunities as well as jobs, internships and training. 

Cultivate Farms

The Cultivate Farms website connects aspiring farmers, retiring farmers, land holders and investors. Find a farmer, find a farm.