Business success in Byron

Byron Shire Council is a big-hitter in tourism, lifestyle, clean and green produce, health and wellbeing and now in entrepreneurship.  Over the last few years, entrepreneurs, both young and old, have flocked to the Shire in search of creative influences, lifestyle and the attraction of our villages and towns. 

Businesses originating here, such as Brookfarm, Trip-a-Deal, Spell & the Gypsy Collective and Stone and Wood, are now national and international brands. 

In order to help our businesses thrive we developed Enterprising Byron - our Economic Development Strategy.

Download Enterprising Byron(PDF, 2MB)Download Byron Region Food Handbook(PDF, 13MB)

The key sectors identified in this strategy are:

  1. Tourism and Events

  2. Agriculture and Food

  3. Health and Wellbeing

  4. Innovation and Start up Sector

  5. Film and creative industries

  6. Environmental industries

  7. Business services and trades

  8. Enterprising Byron 2025.