Tourism in Action

Don't Spoil Us, We'll Spoil You

The ‘Don’t Spoil Us, We’ll Spoil You’ marketing campaign was launched in 2012 and remains current today.  The campaign captures the underlying theme that visitor and destination need to have mutual respect to co-exist and thrive. 

Voluntary Visitor Fund

In 2018, Council supported the development of a Voluntary Visitor Fund (VVF) to collect contributions from visitors and distribute funds back into important projects for our local community.

Conversations have been held with tourism business operators and with the more recent impacts of COVID 19 on the tourism industry, Council resolved at its meeting on 25 June 2020 to defer a decision on the VVF, until March 2021.  It was also resolved at that meeting to continue to collect a voluntary visitor contribution from Council’s First Sun and Suffolk Park Holiday Parks and allocate those funds to implement our Sustainable Visitation Strategy, once adopted. 

Download 25 June 2020 Voluntary Visitor Fund update report and Council’s decision. 

Byron Shire Unfolded

The ‘Byron Unfolded’ map is designed to help visitors discover hidden gems and attractions across the whole of the Byron Shire. We know that our visitors love coming to Byron Bay, but the purpose of this map is to give people the information and local hints they need to embark on their own journey of discovery across the shire.

We want our visitors to experience the immense natural beauty of the area, to meet the colourful local characters and have a chance to meander around the towns, beaches and waterways at their own pace and the Byron Unfolded map is designed to inspire discovery of all that our shire has to offer. 

Business Events Bureau

In 2017 the Byron Business Events Bureau was launched to further Byron as a key conference destination in Australia. Council played a key role in the establishment of the 'Bureau' alongside a group of very passionate tourism industry stakeholders in the conferencing and events space.

Byron Business Events Bureau is a central location for coordinating venues, activities, accommodation, partner programs, logistics, transport and catering. 

There are not many conference destinations where you can do business, see a whale breaching in your lunch break, have an early morning lighthouse jog and spot turtles, taste locally-sourced produce and eat fresh line-caught snapper.

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  • Supporting our campaigns are our wonderful volunteers and teams at the Visitor's Centres in Byron Bay and Brunswick Heads