Sustainable Visitation Strategy

The Sustainable Visitation Strategy 2020 to 2030 (SVS) will manage tourism in the Byron Shire for the next decade. 

It SVS outlines a framework to minimise the impacts and maximise the benefits that tourism can bring. It does this whilst maintaining and protecting our:

  • natural and built environment
  • culture
  • community
  • heritage.  

Work on Byron Shire’s ten year plan for sustainable tourism is now complete.

The draft Sustainable Visitation Strategy (SVS)(PDF, 2MB) and Tourism Resilience Discussion Paper(PDF, 63KB) were on public exhibition for a period of 45 days in October - December 2020.

Submissions are currently under review and will be reported to Council in early 2021.

Development of the Sustainable Visitation Strategy 

For six months in 2019, we gather feedback and ideas from the community and industry on the future of tourism. in Byron Shire This included: 

  • Visitor forums.
  • Kitchen table discussions.
  • Industry meetings.
  • Community solutions panel.

The information captured from engagement was incorporated into the draft SVS.

Impact of COVID-19

The draft SVS was taken to a Council Planning meeting on 19 March 2020, where it was decided to put the draft on public exhibition.

Shortly after, the exhibition of the draft SVS was placed on hold due to the extensive impact of COVID-19 on the tourism industry.

This time has been used to:

  • engage with the tourism industry
  • revise economic and tourism forecast data in order to understand the impacts of COVID-19.

Resilience Tourism Discussion Paper 

The revised economic and tourism forecast data has been used to inform a Resilience Tourism Discussion Paper that is designed to be read in conjunction with the draft SVS.

The paper is designed to open a discussion about the resilience of our tourism industry and the wider community during events such as natural disasters and pandemics.