Food production


Our farms produce macadamias, avocados, bananas, coffee, pork, vegetables, bush foods, tropical fruits, milk and cheese, nuts, flowers and much, much more. Many of the farmers have developed 'value-add' models that see them grow, produce and market. Some of these local producers are now iconic brands, bringing the flavour of Byron to the rest of Australia and the world. 

Most of our produce is sold into the region via the unique farm-side stalls, farmers' markets, restaurants and retail outlets. The farmers' markets are attractions for locals and visitors alike, where they can buy tomatoes and corn picked that morning, taste the latest cheese, kombucha, herbs and blueberries, and chat to the producers while sipping new coffee blends or a locally produced turmeric latte.

Local producers are also leaders in managing the soil and biodiversity. There is a plethora of organic and zero-chemical producers ensuring that bees and other fauna are protected. Farmers in the Byron Shire understand their role as stewards of the land for future generations.

Byron and the local hinterland are fast becoming the 'new' foodie capital of Australia, as observed by  Pat Nourse from Gourmet Traveller

'The beaches are as magical as ever and the locals just as herbal, but the towns and countryside around Byron are now home to a host of ambitious new eating and drinking experiences'.

Byron Region Food - A Northern Rivers Food and Beverage Handbook

The Byron Region Food handbook(PDF, 13MB) identifies over 120 local food producers in the Byron and Northern Rivers Shires. 

Byron Region Food Advantage videos

Take a look at the Byron Regional Food Advantage Project's videos on some of the local food producers in the Northern Rivers.