Our Shire’s fertile basalt soils, high rainfall and subtropical climate support a rich and diverse farming community producing things such as macadamias, avocados, bananas, coffee, pork, vegetables, bush foods, dairy, beef and flowers.

Byron’s entrepreneurial spirit has seen many of our farmers and local businesses 'value-add' to raw produce, turning it into a variety of food products such as cheeses, spirits, oils, cured meats, small goods, muesli, sauces, jams, relishes and artisan breads.

Agriculture and value-adding agribusinesses are vital to Byron Shire and the region.  Locals and visitors value the ‘clean and green’ produce for sale on the side of our roads, at our farmers markets and our restaurants. 

Our community feels strongly about protecting our farms and their produce.  With continued pressure from urbanisation and climate change, Byron Shire Council needs to ensure that we have sustainable farms in years to come.

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Farming is essential to our way of life, food security and part of the fabric of the Byron Shire. In order for Council to support and sustain farming into the future, a forum, workshop and survey was conducted earlier this year with local farmers to better understand their challenges and future directions in the agriculture sector.

A number of initiatives were identified from this research including:

  • Employ a full-time Farm Liaison Officer to support our farming community. 
  • Improve communications and the narrative around farming to show that it is valued and a vital industry in Byron Shire.
  • Develop a farming in Byron Shire website to house all the latest information to assist farmers. 
  • Protect farming land and work together to re-activate farmland that is lost to lifestylers and hobby farmers.
  • Establish an Farming Industry Cluster that is representative of all farmers.
  • Continue to improve land use and environmental mapping plus planning procedures to assist farmers negotiate regulation.
  • Train planning staff on agricultural specific information.
  • Work with other Councils to develop case studies to demonstrate to the NSW Planning Department and DPI how the current regulations constrain smaller Northern Rivers farmers from being innovative and successful.

Research was conducted into agriculture in our Shire in late 2018.  View the outcomes and survey(PDF, 1MB) .



To preserve the distinctive character, values and the economic capacity of our Shire’s rural areas for future generations, Council prepared a Rural Land Use Strategy

The Strategy provides a strategic framework centred on the management and use of rural land for living, working and leisure. 


The Agricultural Cluster Group was formed in 2019 and has representatives from nuts, cattle, organic, horticulture, small scale farms, fibre and sugar cane, with the aim of insuring that agriculture remains a major contributor to Byron Shire.

For more information contact our Biodiversity and Agricultural Projects Officer, Peter Boyd on  02 6626 7253 or


Council is developing planning controls to more actively manage function centres that hold weddings and events in our rural environment.

As part of Council's commitment to valuing, protecting and enhancing farming in the Shire, Council has resolved to not permit function centres in the RU1 Primary Production Zone.

rural weddings and events planning controls

Agricultural production is a very important contributor to our economy and is a key industry in the Byron Shire.

In 2015/16, the total value of agricultural output in Byron Shire was $33m. The largest commodity produced was nuts, which accounted for 35.6% of Byron Shire’s total agricultural output in value terms. See more agricultural industry statistics here.