Business in Byron

Our Shire is a big-hitter in tourism, lifestyle, clean & green produce, health and wellbeing and now in entrepreneurship.  Due to the success of local entrepreneurs, business people have flocked to the Shire in search of success, creative influences, lifestyle and the attraction of our villages and towns.  

Businesses originating here, such as Brookfarm, Trip-a-deal, Spell & the Gypsy and Stone and Wood – to name but a few - are now well-known, successful national brands.  They were able to grow organically and benefit from being out from under the watchful eye of city brands. The days of Byron Bay brands ‘slipping under their city-cousin’s radar’ are long gone. 

Now people are seeking out our entrepreneurs to see what makes them tick?  What motivates them? What’s the secret?  Well – as all of us know – it’s something about the people, the culture and the can-do attitude.  Byron Shire Council is proud to see these and other businesses shine. 

For more information about Business in Byron contact our Economy and Sustainability Team or call 02 6626 7000.