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Youth Strategy and Action Plan

The role of the Youth Activities Officer is to work in partnership with young people, community services, government agencies and the wider community to develop and implement appropriate responses to address the needs of young people in the Shire. The main aim is to support young people to participate more fully in the life of their community. Priorities include:

  • Supporting a Youth Council to provide a voice for young people within Council;
  • Implementing the Youth Strategy and Action Plan in partnership with young people, which identifies key issues affecting young people in the Shire and supports their active participation in all areas of community life; and
  • Acting as an advocate for young people to assist in the process of attracting resources to meet local youth needs.

A Youth forum held during 2008 helped to map and identify gaps in the recreational needs of youth in the north of the shire, from which a number of action groups were formed to tackle the various initiatives that were raised.

For further information contact Council's Youth Activities Officer Tuesday to Thursday on: