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Your yellow recycling bin

Your fortnightly recycling service stays the same. Please continue to use your recycling bin as usual. Your recyclable items are made into new products. Recycling saves resources including energy and water.

These items in your Yellow Recycling Bin 

  • Bagged soft plastics (eg plastic bags and cling wrap)
  • Bagged polystyrene
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Milk/juice cartons
  • Magazines, newspapers and books
  • Tetra Pak (TM)
  • Waxed carboard/paper
  • Aerosol cans (empty) 
  • Aluminium cans/clean aluminium foil
  • Steel cans/tins
  • Paint tins (dried out up to 4L)
  • Cutlery, pots, pans
  • Glass bottles/jars (lids on) 
  • Crockery/ceramics
  • Pyrex, plate, mirror glass
  • Yoghurt containers
  • Hard plastic bottles/containers (lids on) 
  • Plant pots (empty) 
  • Plastic cutlery
  • Biscuit trays
  • Broken toys
  • Resource Recovery Collection satchels for problem household waste items including batteries, mobile phone, x-ray, electrical cords, CD's & DVD's, reading glasses and smoke detectors. These can be collected from Council's head office in Mullumbimby, all local libraries, Bunnings in Byron Bay, the Cavanbah Centre and Council's pop up office in Byron Bay (the old Countrylink building).