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West Byron DCP

Draft Development Control Plan - West Byron

The purpose of the DCP is to provide development guidance to the West Byron Urban Release Area, including: staging plan; transport movement hierarchy; landscaping strategy; stormwater and water quality management controls; and measures to encourage higher density living around transport, open space and service nodes.

Public Exhibition of the Draft DCP – Chapter E8 - West Byron Urban Release Area

The draft West Byron Urban Release Area DCP was publicly exhibited from 22 October 2015 to 4 December 2015.  Over 750 submissions were received. 

Council considered a report on the submissions at the 17 November 2016 meeting and resolved (part Res 16-583) ‘that subject to peer reviews of frog, koala, traffic, and water and flood management reports, Council approve the Byron Shire Development Control Plan 2014 - Chapter E8 West Byron Urban Release Area and associated amendments to Part A and Part D of the Byron Shire Development Control Plan 2014 in Attachments 1 and 2 at the first Ordinary Meeting after Council’s summer recess’. 

The inclusion of Chapter E8 - West Byron Urban Release Area into DCP 2014, also requires changes to be made to Part A – Preliminary to include three new definitions in the dictionary for Dual Key Housing, Integrated Housing and Small Lots.

Where to next?

Requests for quotations have been sought for the peer review.  Once the review is completed the findings will be reported to Council to progress the finalisation of the DCP Chapter E8 for West Byron.

Planning Proposal to amend Byron LEP 1988 - West Byron

The purpose of this planning proposal is to correct anomalies in Byron LEP 1988 in relation to the permissibility of infrastructure in the various zones, the lot size requirement for medium density housing forms in the R2 Zone, and the minimum lot sizes in the E2 and E3 zones. 

Public Exhibition of West Byron Planning Proposal

The West Byron Planning Proposal was publicly exhibited from 21 July to 19 August 2016.  Council considered a report on the submissions received at 27 October 2016 meeting and resolved to amend the planning proposal - (part Res 16-551) Forward the planning proposal (as amended) to the NSW Department of Planning & Environment requesting that a draft LEP instrument be prepared excluding the new clause in the Byron LEP 1988 to facilitate the installation of necessary urban infrastructure at West Byron. 

Where to next? 

Council is liaising with the Department of Planning and Environment to finalise the amendment to Byron LEP 1988, ‘Part 4 West Byron Bay site’.