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Water saving

Why it is important to conserve water

To supply this region with water, there is in storage at any time less than one year’s water supply.  Sometimes, including much of 1991, there is much less than a year’s supply. although rainfall is plentiful and regular, the amount of water which can be supplied with the present works is about what is presently being used.  So, unless we take some action soon we will need new supplies of water at considerable cost.

Also, as a Shire-wide average, about 75% of all water used is disposed of to the sewer after it is used.  The volume of effluent is growing quickly and the standard to which it must be treated is rising.  Soon we will need new treatment plants in nearly all towns of the Shire at substantial cost.  So, if we can reduce water consumption, we stand to gain from reduced rates and charges and from reduced impact on the environment in Byron Shire.

Water saving dos and don'ts

  1. Leave your grass a few centimetres long and mulch it
  2. Plant native plants in the garden which do not need to be watered once established. (Council has a brochure on suitable plants).
  3. Water only when necessary.
  4. Wash the car from bucket, and hose down on the grass to make best use of the water.
  5. Install a low-flow shower rose.
  6. Adjust your toilet to flush on the minimum (8 meters per flush is a common limit).
  7. Wait until you have a full load before using the dishwasher or washing machine.
  8. Fix leaks and dripping taps as soon as possible.
  9. Report leaking mains and hydrants to the Council as soon as possible.
  10. Think about whether you want to pay for more water or use the money for something else.
  1. Leave an unattended hose running (stand and water the plants or use a tap timer.
  2. Flush the toilet unnecessarily (use the bin for rubbish disposal).
  3. Hose the path or the house (sweep instead).
  4. Peel vegetables under a running tap (use a bowl or fill the sink).
  5. Rinse the plates under a running tap (use a bowl or fill the sink).
  6. Brush your teeth with the tap running.
  7. Fill and empty the pool unless you have to.