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Byron Shire Council Sustainability Programs

Byron Shire is a hub of grass-roots sustainability. As humanity confronts resource shortages and the affects of accelerated climate change, local communities across Byron Shire continue to reduce their ecological impact and improve social and economic justice within their neighbourhoods and beyond. 

Council has also taken a proactive approach towards sustainability and is progressively reviewing many internal practices to improve corporate sustainability. Council also strives to support community initiatives in recognition of the value of local knowledge, culture and skills in journey towards sustainability.

"The Byron Shire is a beautiful vibrant area full of natural beauty and flourishing communities. The long term protection and improved resilience of these valuable assets has lead Byron Shire Council to incorporate sustainability into the core of its philosophy. 

  • Sustainability E-newsletter 


The Byron Shire Sustainability e-newsletter aims to link local people with sustainability news and initiatives around Byron Shire.

To join, visit the Sustainability newsletter page and enter your e-mail address.

Previous issues of the e-newsletter can be viewed from the links at the right hand side of this page.

Each year Byron Shire Council hosts a series of Sustainability Seminars. This includes hosting workshops and other events to assist community groups and sustainable businesses within the shire. See here for whats on this year.

A Sustainable House Day Design Competition is held each year in the Northern Rivers. Click here to find out more about Sustainable House Day.




The Sustainability Services Report 2013 showcases Council’s efforts to improve the sustainability of our beautiful Shire and we continue to strive for better ways of doing things every year. We are blessed in the Byron Shire to work with a community which consistently shows incredible passion, skill and enthusiasm for the environment and sustainability. Many of the Byron Shire Council’s Sustainability programs are made possible through the long standing partnerships and inspiring work of community organisations.

We hope you enjoy reading about our achievements.  - Introduction by Mayor Simon Richardson

Like to find out about previous Sustainability achievements?  Why not read our  2011 Annual Sustainability Report