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Rural Land Use Strategy

The revised draft Byron Shire Rural Land Use Strategy and supporting documents were on exhibition from 7 June until 24 July 2017.  The exhibited material can be viewed by clicking on the relevant document links below:

Complementing the earlier 2016 exhibition, this exhibition encouraged discussion around how best to implement the actions of the strategy. These actions identify how Council can act, inform, guide and lead over the next decade to build upon the strength of existing communities and ensure a balance between the rural environment, economy, living arrangements and infrastructure services.

Submissions are currently being reviewed with the submissions report to be considered by Council later this year. 

Draft Rural Land Use Strategy Vox Pops

Click here to go to our Byron Shire Council You Tube Page, and watch what Lindsay Murray of Dingo Lane Farms has to say about the future of rural land use in Byron Shire. 

Click here to watch what Andrew Cameron of Byron Creek Farms has to say about the importance of education around the use of our rural land in Byron Shire

What has happened since August 2016?

The draft Rural Land Use Strategy was reported to the 4 August Council meeting with a recommendation that it be adopted so that it could be endorsed by the State Government’s Department of Planning and Environment (DPE).  Council adopted the strategy but added a number of amendments before forwarding the revised document to DPE for endorsement. 

The Department responded to the adopted document advising that ‘at this stage the Department is unable to endorse the Strategy’.  Click here to read the Department of Planning and Environment’s response letter. 

The revised draft Rural Land Use Strategy, incorporating the matters raised in the Department’s letter was presented to Council at 20 April 2017 MeetingAt that meeting Council resolved:

Res 17-126

  1. Exhibit for further community feedback and discussion the draft Rural Land Use Strategy, supporting 'Policy Directions Paper', 'Site Suitability Criteria and Mapping Methodology' and the draft 'Rural Land Use Strategy Implementation Plan' for 28 days.
  2. As part of the exhibition process encourage guidance from the community on priorities for the 'Rural, Land Use Strategy Implementation Plan'.
  3. That Council commence actioning priorities confirmed following the exhibition process prior to the winter recess.
  4. That a public communication and engagement strategy be created in consultation with the Communications Panel to guide the exhibition process.  

Stages of Preparation

The process of developing the draft Strategy has occurred over the following stages shown below: 

A Fresh Approach Rural Land Use Discussion Paper was designed to better understand what the community values about rural lands and the important issues. Find out what we heard in the Community Feedback Summary.

Click here for an in depth summary of key issues, outcomes and  actions discussed at the workshop that was held in November 2015.

The draft RLUS and supporting documents were exhibited during April and May 2016.  Over 830 submissions were received raising a range of issues.  Read the summary report on submissions here


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If you have any further enquiries please contact Council’s Strategic Planning team on (02) 6626 7169.