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Roads Capital Works 2016-17

Byron Shire Council acknowledges the deteriorating state of its chronically under-funded roads and the need to provide significant new funding towards the renewal of our infrastructure. During the term of this Council, we have been working hard to generate additional infrastructure funding through a range of means including:

  • Restructuring and reducing senior staff positions
  • Operating efficiencies
  • Property investment and sales
  • Debt reduction
  • More efficient procurement
  • Establishing an Infrastructure Renewal Reserve
  • Developing new revenue sources e.g. pay parking

Through its Financial Sustainability Plan Council has strengthened its financial position and is confident that it will remain a viable local government entity into the future and avoid the threat of amalgamation. You can read more about the plan at

Click below for more about our 2016/17 capital works program

Former Roundhouse sale funded works:

Project Status
  • Waterlily Park Playscape 
Completed March 2017
  • Devines Hill board walk and amenity improvements
Concept designs being completed. To be constructed 2017.
  • South Golden Beach playground
Concept designs being completed. To be constructed 2017.
  • Beach Avenue, South Golden Beach (full length)

Completed December 2016

  • The Esplanade, New Brighton (full length)
  • Orana Road, Ocean Shores (full length)
 Under construction - for more information, click here 
  • River Street, New Brighton (full length)
  • Coomburra Crescent, Ocean Shores (part length)

How is the funding allocated across the services?

Capital Expenditure - total consolidated funds including general, water, sewer and waste.


Capital Expenditure -General fund (excluding water, sewer and waste).