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Reseal Program

Reseal Program

As part of Council's 17/18 Capital Works Program, segments from the following listed roads have been identified for resealing:


Coolamon Scenic Drive
Federal Drive
Possum Creek Road
Friday Hut Road
The Pocket Road
Tyagarah Road

Byron Bay

Bangalow Road
Childe Street
Giaor Street
Paterson Street

Current locations of works:

Tuesday 28 November: Pocket Road Reseal and another small segment of Federal Drive.

Late October through to January is the best time to reseal roads as the pavement temperatures are high, while weather is still relatively dry. 

Resealing a road requires the following prep work, much of which Council has already completed for this year's reseal program:

  • Grading of the shoulders to remove growth and ensure table drains are performing properly – draining and keeping water away from the road
  • Patching of potholes with the Jetmaster truck
  • Heavy patching of larger damaged/cracked sections of the road by first profiling out the damaged section and then laying asphalt
  • Trimming back of vegetation where it is dense and causing lack of sunlight on road

Once the above work is complete, bitumen resealing can commence. This involves the use of a spray truck, cockerel trucks which tip and spread the stone and heavy rollers. The crew will do half the road at a time under traffic control. Residents should take care when passing through site and minor delays can be expected. Council wishes to thank motorists in advance for their patience.

Resealing is a very cost effective, preventative maintenance treatment that generates maximum life from a road. This is achieved by ensuring that water is kept out of the underlying gravel pavement and protecting it from damage, negating the need for reconstruction, which is far more expensive.