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Rates and charges

Your Rates and Charges in 2016/2017

Each year the Independent Pricing and Regularity Tribunal (IPART) determines the maximum percentage by which Councils can increase their total "General income" from the previous year.  This is called the Variation of General Income (Rate Pegging).  The General Variation Percentage Increase is set to 1.8% in 2016/2017.

It does not necessarily mean that each separate rate assessment will increase by that percentage, but it does mean that the total general income from all assessments cannot exceed this figure.

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Ordinary rates

All rateable land is subject to an ordinary rate. The land value of your property determines the amount of ordinary rates levied. The land value is supplied to Council by the Lands Department – Valuer General’s Office.

A General Revaluation of Byron Shire was completed in 2015.  Land valuations with a base date 1 July 2015, issued to Council by the Valuer General's Office of Land & Property Information, was used to calculate your rates for 2016/2017.

When a revaluation occurs, the rating distribution with the council area may change.  Although the total income generated from rates is restricted by the rate pegging limit, fluctuations in rates levied occur where the individual land valuation increases or decreases outside the average percentage increase range for the rate category of each particular property.

Categorisation of land

The amount of rates levied is also determined by the categorisation of the property determined by the prominent use of the land.

The present rating structure is comprised of:

Residential category

Business category: of which there are two sub-categories being:

  • Business Ordinary and
  • Business Byron Bay CBD.

Farmland category

The rating category or subcategory is shown on your rate notice. If you don’t agree with the category we have given your land, you or your agent can ask for a review.

A request for a review must be in writing on an "Application for Change in Category of Land to Farmland for Rating Purposes" form which is available from Council’s Administration Centre, or you can phone Councils Rates Team on 02 6626 7007 and ask for the form to be posted, emailed or faxed to you.

Of course, if the category of your property is different to that shown on the Rate Notice, it is your obligation to notify Council of the correct category.

If you are dissatisfied with Council’s declaration of the category of your land after it has been reviewed, or the date the category of your land is to take effect: you may appeal to the Land and Environment Court within 30 days after the declaration is made, under Section 526 of the Local Government Act, 1993.

Rates Calculator

You can estimate the amount of Ordinary Rates by using this rates calculator.


Waste Management Charges

Byron Shire Council introduced a New 3 Bin Collection service for urban residents in August 2015.

Customers provided with the standard Domestic Waste service were provided with a 240 litre green organics bin which is collected weekly, a 140 litre red landfill bin collected fortnightly and a 240 litre yellow recyclying bin collected fortnightly. This landfill bin is also available in 80 litre and 240 litre sizes.

Where an urban domestic waste service is available but not used by a customer, that customer will be charged a single standard domestic waste service.

Where a rural domestic waste service is available but not used by a customer, that customer will be charged a single ‘Rural Service Availability Charge’.

Council will charge an annual Non Residential Waste charge for all rural customers provided with a waste collection service not of a domestic nature.

Additional charges for both domestic waste and commercial waste are levied for each individual service in excess of a single service.

If the property is vacant land you will be charged  a Domestic Waste Vacant charge until a service is commenced.

Types of waste services available

Urban Domestic Areas

Urban commercial and industrial areas

Multi unit dwellings (urban areas where sharing is applicable) where space allows for 3 bin service.

Multi unit dwellings (urban areas where sharing is applicable) where space constrainsts resrict to a 2 bin service.

Rural areas (for residential and non-residential properties where service is available)

Sewerage Fixed Charges

All residential properties which are within 75 metres of a sewer main and are able to be connected (whether connected or not) will be charged a sewerage fixed charge. This charge is separate to the sewer usage charges levied on your water and sewer usage notice.

Annual sewerage fixed charges for non-residential properties will be proportional to the size of the water meter connection to the property with the minimum charge being equivalent to the residential fixed sewerage charge.

This charge is separate to the sewer usage charge levied on your water and sewer usage notice.

Water Fixed Charges

Water fixed charges apply to all properties to which the service is available, regardless of whether the water is connected to the property or not.

The Water Fixed Charge is determined by the size of the water connection to the property, or if no meter is connected the charge will default to the standard charge for a 20mm connection.

This charge is separate to the water usage charge levied on your water and sewer usage notice.

Liquid Trade Waste Fixed Charges

Liquid Trade Waste means "all liquid waste other than sewage of a domestic nature."

A Liquid Trade Waste Annual Charge is levied against non-residential properties that discharge liquid trade waste but are not required to apply for Council approval.

Other Trade Waste Annual Charges are categorised into Category 1 charged to those businesses which conduct an activity deemed by Council as requiring minimal pre-treatment and are considered low risk, Category 2 charged to those businesses which conduct an actiivity generating medium to high level trade waste that requires a pre-treatment device (grease-trap) to be installed, and Category 3 charged to those businesses which discharge large volimes of liquid trade waste into the sewerage system. 

The purpose of this charge is to cover the costs incurred by Council for the administration and management (including inspections) of these systems.

Stormwater Management Charges

Residential charges

A charge will be levied on all rateable properties within Council’s urban stormwater catchment area.

Residential properties will be levied a flat charge of $25.00 and residential strata title properties will be levied a flat charge of $12.50.

Business charges

A charge will be levied against each eligible business property (not strata titled) within the urban stormwater catchment area based on the total area of the assessment.

A charge of $25.00, plus an additional $25.00 for each 350 sq metres or part thereof by which the area of the parcel of land exceeds 350 sq metres will apply.

A strata complex comprising both business and residential units will be levied a flat charge of $12.50 per unit.

A strata complex comprising of business units will be levied a charge equal to the charge on the total land area of the strata scheme as calculated if it were single title, proportioned by the unit entitlement of each lot in the plan. A minimum charge of $5.00 will apply to each unit.

Any additional information you may require regarding rates and charges can be obtained by contacting Council’s Rates Team on 02 6626 7007.

On-Site Sewerage Management Systems

From 1 July 2013, Council will charge an annual fee for Onsite Sewer Management Systems and this is listed on the rate notice for relevant ratepayers. The fee per annum is $44.00 per OSMS.