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Railway Square Revitalisation

Railway Precinct Revitalisation Project

Railway Square is a traditional meeting place within the town centre of Byron Bay. The park’s connection to both the centre of town, the Railway Station, the bus stop on Jonson Street, the Visitor Centre and the Community Centre has meant that the park is both a prominent ‘gateway’ space within the town centre for visitors and also a valued public space for the local community. 

For generations children have played in the park and its trees, and people have rested in a quiet place close to the street – enjoying the shade in summer and the sunshine in winter. The park has also been used as a gathering place for community events and demonstrations and for temporary market events such as the Byron Artisans Market.

Over more recent times some of these uses have been reduced as a result of factors such as the termination of train services in 2004 and the disuse of the Station building, the dilapidation of park infrastructure, and the dilapidation of areas adjacent to the park including car park areas and buildings. A series of minor works within the park, and in particular along the Jonson Street edge, have also resulted in the park being dislocated from the street.

As a result, the park’s role as a welcome and generous piece of public space at the gateway to the town centre has significantly diminished.

At the beginning of 2018, Council will be beginning Stage One of the Railway Precinct Revitalisation Project – upgrading railway park with clever landscape design, seating and lighting, connective pathways and new amenities.

This is one of the first projects to be progressed from the Byron Town Centre Masterplan, which was adopted by Council in June 2016. The Byron Bay Town Centre Masterplan Leadership Group, consisting of 22 community members, has been working with Council on the plan over the last 12 months.

The concept plans outline the upcoming changes to Railway Park – bringing the area to life so that it can become a space the community is proud of and an attraction in its own right.

To view the Railway Square Landscape Concept and Design Plans, Railway Square Landscape Concept and Design