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SunSmart Marquee Procedure

  1. The SunSmart Marquee was given to Byron Shire Council by the NSW Cancer Council in recognition of Council’s efforts to raise community awareness about the importance of sun protection.
  2. The marquee is 4.5 x 3.0 metres in size and is available to be borrowed free of charge by the following groups:
    • Byron Shire Council staff for Council projects/events
    • Byron Shire sporting organisations
    • Byron Shire not-for-profit community organisations
  3. The marquee is to be collected after 12 noon the business day before the event taking place, and returned to Council no later than 12 noon on the business day following the event.
  4. A trolley is available to move the marquee and must be returned with the marquee.  Borrowers are to be advised to bring at least two able bodied persons to transport the marquee. Council staff are not available to assist in the lifting or transporting of the marquee.
  5. Council takes no responsibility for transporting the marquee to an event.
  6. Groups other than Council must hold their own Public Liability insurance to cover any incidents that may occur with regard to the marquee.
  7. A $50 bond may be requested, at the time of collection of the marquee and will be repaid to the borrower upon the return of the marquee.
  8. Any damage to the marquee will be the responsibility of the borrower.
  9. Bookings are made on a first in first served basis.
  10. All bookings for the marquee are at the discretion of Byron Shire Council NSW Cancer Council Relationship Managers.
  11. All borrowers to be made aware of this procedure and of the NSW Cancer Council’s SunSmart Resources to assist them with planning for their SunSmart event.
  12. Wherever possible Byron Shire Council and the NSW Cancer Council are to be acknowledged in any media releases for the use of the SunSmart Marquee.