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Draft Byron Shire DCP 2014 Chapter E5 – Certain Locations in Byron Bay and Ewingsdale

The draft Byron Shire DCP 2014 Chapter E5 – Certain Locations in Byron Bay and Ewingsdale (Chapter E5) will be on public exhibition for a period of 30 days from Thursday 23 November 2017 to Friday 22 December 2017. 

The proposed amendments relate to a mixed use development known as ‘Habitat’ (previously ‘Bayshore Village’).  The development has been planned over a number of years in consultation with both Council and the community, and during this time there have been several variations to the original Masterplan.  The amendments proposed in the draft DCP reflect the most recent version of the revised Masterplan concept.    

Council has also received a development application for Stage 2 of the ‘Habitat’ development (DA 10.2017.628.1) which is being exhibited concurrently with the proposed amendments to Byron DCP 2014 Chapter E5.    

All proposed amendments to Chapter E5 will be shown in red text.  A ‘clean copy’ version of the amended DCP is also be available.

Submissions can be lodged:

Enquiries:  Steve Daniels 02 6626 7315

Submissions close: 
Friday 22 December 2017 4.30pm

Submissions should be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager, Byron Shire Council, PO Box 219 Mullumbimby 2482 or sent by email to Emailed submissions to this address only will be acknowledged.

Submissions will be made public in accordance with Schedule 1 Part 3 Clause 1(a)(vi) within Schedule 5 Part 2 of the GIPA 2009 Regulations as applicable including both the substance of the submission and the identity of the author. For assistance with this please call Council’s Records Coordinator on 02 6626 7113.