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Byron Bay Pay Parking Time Limit Review

Byron Shire Council is reviewing the time limits of the pay parking area in Byron Bay.

A report was presented to and endorsed by Council on the 21 September with details of the potential changes to time limits within the pay parking area in Byron Bay.

The report is now on exhibition for public comment.

At its meeting of 21 September 2017 Council resolved: 

1. That Council endorse for consultation the proposal of the changes to the parking time limits in the Byron Bay pay parking area as outlined below:

a) Wordsworth Street – modify 2P zone to OP (no limit) zone

b) Shirley Street – modify 4P zone to OP (no limit) zone

c) Lawson Street North and South Car Parks – modify from OP (no limit) to 4P

d) Somerset Street and Butler Street Reserve – modify to free parking zone

e) Butler Street – modify 4P zone to OP (no limit) zone

f) Byron Street – modify 2P zone to 1P zone

g) Fletcher Street – modify eastern side from 4P to 2P

h) Jonson Street – modify Carlyle to Kingsley zone from 1P to 2P

2. That Council staff consult with the community regarding the changes to the time limits, and provide a report for Council endorsement at either the December 2017 or January 2018 meeting, with the preference for the December meeting.

3. That Council approve a budget of $5,000 for community consultation regarding the changes to time limits, from the Pay Parking Reserve.

Any submissions regarding the proposed changes should be forwarded to the General Manager by 15 November 2017.

Enquiries:  Josh Winter 02 6626 7074