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2016 Byron Bay Town Centre Placemaking Seed Fund

Section 1 – Contact Information
Enter the two or three letter initials for your state
Question 1: Project Concept
- Provide a detailed description of your project - Demonstrate how this concept is innovative and how it engages with the resident, business and visitor communities. - Demonstrate how the concept meets the objectives and outcomes of the placemaking seed fund. - Demonstrate which category(s) your activation project aligns with.
Question 2: Project Methodology
- Provide a detailed plan, which includes timelines, key milestones and project methodology. - Demonstrate partnership / collaboration / sponsorship opportunities and where possible provide a letter of commitment from partners. - Demonstrate your time and capacity to deliver the project. - Demonstrate the required consultation / engagement / communication levels appropriate to your project scope and scale. - Outline any requirements for licenses, road closures or regulatory requirements. - Detail your capability / current coverage regarding: o Insurance o Occupational Health and Safety o Risk Management o Sustainability o Financial competency
Question 3: Project Budget
- Provide a detailed budget. - Identify fund leveraging opportunities and where possible provide a letter of commitment from partners of promised funds. - Demonstrate the additional value of attracting in-kind support, sponsorship, partnerships and grant funding.
Question 4: Experience
- Outline all project team members, their role, capabilities, skill set and key deliverables and role within the proposed project. - Demonstrate proven capability of successfully delivering activation / placemaking events or community orientated events. - Provide the contact details of three referees