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Sustainability E-Newsletter Autumn 2016

First Council Sustainability Seminar for 2016 - Transitioning Byron to Zero Emissions

Join Zero Emissions Byron and Byron Shire Council for an evening talking about how we can all help to tranisition our Shire to zero net emissions.

Come and hear from esteemed Professor David Hood AM, leader of the QUT Sustainability Research & Teaching programs, and member of the Board of Directors of Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) and a riveting presenter who will introduce the evening with an update on the latest findings in the world of climate change.

A film will be screened showing an introduction to Jeremey Rifkin ( author of the 3rd Industrial Revolution) theory applied in a rural French community. It talks about their vision and methodology for their transition to a Zero Carbon Economy and what motivated them to change the way they work and live.

Finally a Q&A panel, facilitated by Byron Shire journalist Mick O’Regan, will answer questions and discuss how the Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB) project is working along similar principles to reduce Byron Shire’s emissions to zero within 10 years.

Tuesday 15 March, 6.00pm 

Byron Shire Council Chambers, 70-90 Station Street, Mullumbimby

A light supper will be available by donation.

New online platform for environmental projects

Working together for better environmental outcomes

There's a lot of great things happening in the environment and sustainability space. Right here in our own backyard, we're a hub for good news stories. But more widely across Australia, it can be hard to find what you need to support great projects and even better environmental outcomes.

At EnviroSource we've been developing a new online community designed to connect and inform environmental change agents.

EnviroSource is all about helping people to find what they need to make a real difference. For the first time on one website, there's a national approach that showcases all environmental projects. It’s also a platform where you can find knowledge sharing forums and articles as well as environmental jobs, tenders, awards, grants and even events.

EnviroSource launched in January 2016 and there’s already over 150 members from across Government, Not for Profits and the business community.

Show your support by getting on board as a free member. For further info, please go to 

Free energy efficiency workshop

Powersmart Energy Efficiency and ENSOL Systems are hosting a FREE workshop to help businesses understand how to reduce power bills without spending big on new technology.

The focus is on simple and cost effective measures to improve energy efficiency as well as the thermal comfort and the indoor air quality of any building.

The unique technologies presented are new to the Northern Rivers and can save up to 50% of power cost with very attractive payback periods.

Also discussed will be how businesses can benefit from a detailed power bill analysis and from solar power in combination with battery storage.

The workshop on Friday 18 March 2016 runs from 10am to 2pm at the Byron Bay Green Building Centre in 1 Brigantine Street (Byron Industrial Estate). The workshop will be split into 2 sessions: attendance at either session will provide plenty of information. The afternoon session will also include a live product demonstration of INFLECTOR, the ultimate window insulator.

Entry and a delicious fingerfood lunch are free. RSVP by 15 March to or phone 02 6685 7522.

COREM solar campaign needs grassroots support

A big thank you to the the people of Mullum for bringing their enthusiasm and spirit to COREM's crowdfunding launch for the Drill Hall - we are three quarters of the way to our total! (the total is $17,000 and we have other sources as well as the Planet Funder donations).

Every donation gets us closer to running the Drill Hall on renewable energy. Some of the returns from the Drill Hall solar, as well as further donations, will go into our Revolving Community Energy Fund for even more projects. Please give today - all donations are tax deductible and no donation is too small.

The hunger for this change to run on renewables is palpable. Special thanks from COREM committee to Murray Dreschler and the Leard forest campaign for fighting so hard to keep coal in the ground and protect our environment. Lets do our part and create the alternative by embracing community owned renewable energy and crowdfund the COREM project.

Our new video is also at

Schools ride the climate WAVE of change

Karin Ochsner launched the Byron Bay section of the international WAVE project last Wednesday along with Mayor Simon Richardson.

In collaboration with Byron Shire Council Sustainability Officer, Karin travelled via an electric car to local schools including Byron High, Bangalow Public, Southern Cross, Cape Byron Steiner and many more, collecting over 642 climate change pledges that will be then be sent on to the United Nations.

WAVE stands for World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) and children from all over the world will be encouraged to participate in offering practical environmentally sustainable actions following the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change.

If your school would like to join WAVE or for more information on the project contact Karin on and visit

Funding funding and more funding

 Lead Environmental Community Groups Program
The Environmental Trust is now calling for applications under the 2016 Round of the LECG Program. 
The 2016 round of the program sees a change in timing and structure.
In previous rounds the LECG program provided grants for up to 12 months, which required a ‘call for applications’ every year. To reduce the administrative burden for applicants of applying each year, as well as providing longer term security of funding, the 2016 round has been combined with the 2017 and 2018 rounds to offer grant funding for three years through one application process.
The Lead Environmental Community Groups (LECG) Grants Program is aimed at assisting eligible lead environmental community organisations to build the capacity of the NSW community in protecting and conserving our environment by delivering community education and/or capacity building activities.
Applications close on 11 March 2016.
Suitable for community groups

Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife Grants

The Private Land Conservation Grants Program NSW is now open.  It is funded by the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife and its partner organisations. It provides small grants to support NSW landowners who have a conservation protection mechanism on their land, and for education and training in conservation.  The Private Land Conservation Grants Program recognises and supports landholders for activities which enhance the biodiversity conservation value of their registered properties.
Applications Close: Friday 18 March 2016

Suitable for private landowners with a conservation agreement in place.


James N Kirby Foundation Grants

Each year, The Foundation distributes just over $1,000,000 across four key categories including the environment.  When is the opening period for Grant Applications?
Small Grants ($15,000 or Less)  –  1 October to 28 February each year.
Large Grants (More than $15,000 – Stage 1) – 1 October to 30 November each year.
Large Grants (More than $15,000 – Stage 2 if eligible) – Mid-December to 28 February each year.

Suitable for small projects.

Protecting our Places grants

The aim of the Protecting our Places program is to protect land that is culturally significant to Aboriginal people and to support education projects about the environment and its importance in Aboriginal life.
The Protecting of Places program is currently the subject of an independent evaluation review. The next round of the program has been postponed until this evaluation has been completed and the recommendations considered by the Trust.  It is envisaged that the next call for applications will be in late 2015/early 2016.  Keep an eye on the page below for updates regarding this years grants.

Suitable for Aboriginal projects.

NRMA Community Grants - Environment

Initiatives considered will be projects that involve essential revegetation work to protect communities against storm and flood and those that directly engage communities in on-ground activities to address local conservation and biodiversity issues. Projects that educate community members on ways to reduce waste, water and carbon emissions and promote sustainable approaches to rural and urban living will also be considered.  It is expected that the 2016 round will be announced in February with the close in March.

Suitable for small projects.

Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants

Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants give $1,000 to schools and youth groups to help create gardens in their grounds or community, such as bush tucker gardens, water wise gardens or veggie gardens.  These programs encourage students to learn about the environment through “outdoor learning” and interaction in developing their own school gardens.  All schools, kindergartens, daycare centres, and youth groups (e.g. Scouts) are eligible to apply for a Coles Junior Landcare Garden grant.  Last year round one opened in February so keep an eye on the website for further info.

Suitable for schools and preschools.

Norman Wettenhal Foundation Small Grants

The Small Environmental Grant Scheme will provide support for groups or individuals undertaking biodiversity conservation projects in Australia. We are looking for projects that are about one or more of the following:

•           monitoring, recording and sharing data

•           delivering community education

•           providing community capacity building (training)

•           research and science

The next round opens on 29th March.

Suitable for environmental projects under $10,000.

Funding Grants for Women in Agriculture

Women & Leadership Australia is administering a national initiative to support the development of female leaders across the agriculture sector.

Senior Management and Executive level Women Leaders can apply for $12,000 Individual Grants to undertake the Advanced Leadership Program.

Women Managers can apply for $5,000 Individual Grants to undertake the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program.

Suitable for women working in or studying agriculture.

Pest and Weed Drought Funding

Land managers are being encouraged to apply for up to $3 million through the 2015-2016 Pest and Weed Drought Funding program.

Land managers on the North Coast are encouraged to apply before 4 April 2016. Funding will be used to reduce grazing pressure from pest animals, reduce stock losses from pest animals and reduce the spread of weeds. Individuals, groups and organisations are welcome to apply for funding and Guidelines and the application form are available online.

Suitable for Farmers affected by drought and pests.

NRMA Community Grants - Environment

Since launching the NRMA Insurance Community Grants program in 2003 we have supported more than 1,650 of these local community organisations nationally with a total investment of $7.3 million. Notably, this program recognises and showcases the great work that hundreds of grassroots organisations undertake in our communities to help make them safer, stronger and more confident.

Now in an effort to evolve our program even further, we are in the process of exploring new ways to maximise community benefits, meaning the Community Grants program is currently closed for applications. We look forward to sharing these new opportunities and initiatives in due course.

Suitable for small projects.

Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants

Coles Junior Landcare Garden Grants give $1,000 to schools and youth groups to help create gardens in their grounds or community, such as bush tucker gardens, water wise gardens or veggie gardens.  These programs encourage students to learn about the environment through “outdoor learning” and interaction in developing their own school gardens.  All schools, kindergartens, daycare centres, and youth groups (e.g. Scouts) are eligible to apply for a Coles Junior Landcare Garden grant.  Last year round one opened in February so keep an eye on the website for further info.

Suitable for schools and preschools.

Heritage Awards

If you have you completed a heritage project in the last year 2015/2016 - why not enter it into the National Trust Heritage Awards?

Now entering its 22nd year of recognising excellence in heritage, the National Trust Heritage Awards are the pinnacle celebration for the heritage community and an interesting place to see what is happening and the integrity involved. The National Trust Heritage Awards is the Signature event of the National Trust Heritage Festival.

Categories include: 

•           ADAPTIVE RE-USE










Submissions Close: 3 April 2016 





Clean Up Australia Day - A great success!

Twenty people turned out on Sunday to support clean up Australia day.  It was great that 3 of these were very enthusiastic children who treated it like a treasure hunt.

The scouts also got out their kayaks and went along the river collecting rubbish.  An NBN news crew turned up to video us.  Did anyone see us on the news?  If not you can watch the clip at
The majority of rubbish was bottles, cans and plastic food wrapping such as ice cream wrappers.  We were all presently surprised by the amount of rubbish we found, there was very little.  Well done Mullumbimby!

Thank you to the CWA ladies who put on a wonderful morning tea for us, we very much appreciated it!