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21 December 2010

Welcome to the latest edition of the Byron Shire Sustainability E-Newsletter!

Have a Sustainable Festive Season!

Australian's spend millions of dollars on gifts, food, alcohol and parties over the festive season. Although Christmas is great time to celebrate and spend time with friends and family, we often forget the hidden cost of the festive season in terms of greenhouse pollution, water use, land disturbance and materials used, as well as fuel costs in transportation.

Here are some top local tips to help 'lighten your load' this Christmas:

  • Enjoy a Christmas dinner made from organic produce sourced from local farmers markets,
  • Dress-up a real tree in your yard rather than buy a plastic one or cutting a real one down,
  • Give charity gifts like cards that support organisations that purchase rainforests at risk of development and converts them into Nature Refuges,
  • Make your own decorations and greeting cards from natural or recycled material,
  • Buy sustainable gifts made by our local artists, creatives, designers and innovators.

Byron Shire 2010 Sustainability Report Card

Byron Shire Council has released the 2010 Sustainability Snapshot that provides an annual summary of sustainability trends across the community and Council operations. To view a copy of the 'Sustainability Snapshot' or the complete 2010 Byron Shire State of Environment Repot, visit:

NSW Home Power Savings Program

The NSW Home Power Savings Program will allow 220,000 vulnerable households to save up to 20% a year on their power use. Every eligible household that joins the program receives a FREE:

  • Home power assessment by an energy expert to identify ways to save power in the home
  • Power Savings Kit to help kick start savings which includes:
    • stand-by saver power board
    • 4 energy efficient light bulbs
    • low flow showerhead
    • shower timer
    • tap aerator
    • draught-proof strips for around the door
    • door snakes.
  • Personal Power Savings Action Plan

For more infromation about the program, visit:

Byron Shire Community Gardens Policy

Byron Shire Council has adopted a new Community Gardens Policy that aims to facilitate the establishment of new community gardens and regulate the management of existing community gardens on Council owned land. Council recognises community gardens as legitimate social assets that enhance local food security and is committed to the promotion, development and management of community gardens across the Shire in accordance with best practice guidelines.

To view a copy of the Policy and associated forms, visit: Community Gardens Policy

 For more information, contact Council’s Sustainability Officer on (02) 6626 7305

Sustainable Seafood Guide

The Australian Marine Conservation Society has produced it's latest Sustainable Seafood Guide to help consumers make informed seafood choices. The Guide has been developed in response to growing public concerns about the state of our seas, including the impacts of over-fishing and destructive fishing gear.

Download a copy of the Sustainable Seafood Guide here.

Sustain Food Website

The Sustain Food website is a gathering place for Northern Rivers Food Lovers & Growers. Growing and finding quality food comes easily in the Northern Rivers - from backyards, to community gardens and broad-acre crops as well as our thriving seafood, dairy and beef industries. Sustain Food is a place where our community can learn more about growing food, supporting our regional growers and producers, and sharing practical ideas to support the complex interaction between the earth, climate, animals and people.

Check out the dynamic website today!