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23 February 2010

Welcome to the first edition of the Byron Shire Sustainablity E-Newsletter for 2010! To help inspire a sustainable vision for the new year, we're asking you to send us your favourite local sustainability photo to go into the draw to win a $100 gift voucher from Etiko to spend on ethical and sustainable fashion or sports goods.

Maybe your image is taken at a local farmers market, community garden or simply shows you embracing sustainable practices around home! Send your photo to

Entries close 4pm, Monday 22nd March 2010.

The Byron Shire Sustainability E-Newsletter connects local people with sustainability news and events in and around Byron Shire.

Local Transition Film Night

The Transition Towns movement has arrived in Byron Shire with the first local screenings of 'In Transition 1.0' - a film that showcases the ways communities around the world are responding to Peak Oil and Climate Change with creativity, imagination and humour, whilst rebuilding their local economies and communities.

The Transition movement is positive, solutions focused, viral and fun! There will also be a short talks and a Q&A session with a Transition representative and Byron Shire Council Sustainability Officer.

Entry via gold coin donation. For more info or to lend a hand, contact Kellie on 0424 650 396 or email

Local 'In Transition 1.0' Screenings:

  • Byron Bay: Wednesday 24th March from 600 - 8:30pm, upstairs in Byron Community Centre, Byron Bay.
  • Mullumbimby: Monday 29th March from 6:00 - 8:30pm, Council Chambers, Mullumbimby.

    * See media for other screening times and locations closer to the date.

Get Paid to make Green Power - NSW Gross Feed-in-Tariff Commences!

Are you aware of the new NSW Solar Bonus Scheme that will allow households and businesses who produce renewable energy from either solar, wind or hydro (up to a 10KW system) to be paid .60c per KWh for ALL energy they produce. This means that a solar PV system with a capacity of 1.5 kW would be likely to receive a credit of around $1,500 each year!

Most Country Energy customers with existing solar PV panels will require a new meter to access the benefits of the new Scheme. Contact Country Energy for info on changing over to a gross meter

If you haven't already got a solar PV system installed on your roof, now is the time to contact an installer! Click here for more details about the new Solar Bonus Scheme.

Seeking New Sustainable Streets in Byron Shire

Do you want to be part of a street where people know each other by name, swap home-grown produce over the back fence and share knowledge and skills for a cleaner environment?

Byron and Tweed Shire Councils are seeking Expressions of Interest from residents wishin to start new Sustainable Streets in 2010! Over the past year, the Sustainable Streets program has been happening in Stuart Street and New City Road, Mullumbimby with monthly workshops on Rainwater Tanks, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Shopping and Composting etc.

For more information, visit the Sustainable Streets webpage or contact contact Sustainable Streets Project Officer, Nina Bishop on 6684 1263 or email

ACE Sustainable Living & Working Courses - Term 1

Byron Region Community College is offering a smorgasbod of Sustainable Living & Working courses in 2010! New courses for Term 1 include Green Painting - using Natural Paints, Solar Works, Bush Regeneration and Straw Bale Gardening, plus the perennial favourites such as Energy Efficient Design for the Subtropics, Chooks in Your Backyard and Introduction to Permaculture.

Course costs start from $10. To see the full range of courses or place a booking, call 6684 3374 or visit

New Sustainable Living Fact Sheets

Here's the chance to give a sustainable kick-start to your 2010! Perhaps there's a
few habits that you might consider altering to make your life more sustainable?
Check out Byron Council's new Sustainable Living Fact Sheets series that are designed to assist you on the journey.

New fact sheets topics include Rebates, Energy Saving, Water Efficiency, Sustainable Shopping, Local Food, Green Cleaning and a Renters Guide to Sustainability.

To get a copy of the new Sustainable Living Fact Sheets series, visit
the Byron Shire Sustainability Webpage, or drop into Council's customer service centre in Mullumbimby.