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Successful Responsible Pet Ownership Grant

Council has been successful in obtain a $5,150.00 Responsible Pet Ownership Grant for the “Byron Shire Council and CAWI subsidised desexing program”.

The targeted desexing program will comprises an education campaign and subsidised desexing available throughout the Shire. With a high percentage of socio-economic disadvantaged community members and an identified low desexing rate of companion animals, the subsidised desexing program, to be run over twelve month campaign is hoped to begin to address pet overpopulation issue.

The anticipated project outcomes are in line with the national ‘Getting To Zero’ initiative including: 

  • Reducing the large numbers of cats and dogs being impounded and euthanised each year.
  • Education and subsides for low socio-economic residents to desex their animals
  • Reduced dog attack / related incidents from undesexed male dogs
  • Reducing the cost to the community of caring for unwanted litters and the dumping of the same
  • Reducing numbers of feral dogs
  • Reducing animal behavioural issues

The education program will now commence in October of this year and will be inline with the higher companion animal education priority within the 2014/2015 Compliance Program, as per the Council resolution of the 17 September 2015.