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Myocum Quarry Landfill

A proposed landfill in the Myocum Quarry adjacent to the existing Myocum Landfill fulfils Council’s long term Waste Disposal Strategy (2009). The development application (DA) for the proposal was submitted to Byron Shire Council for consideration in late October 2014. An external assessor will review the DA and refer the findings to the Joint Regional Planning Panel for approval or not.

The proposed landfill will provide Byron Shire with the ability to sustainably manage the disposal of our own non-recoverable waste within our own shire into the future.

Landfilling operations stopped at the existing Myocum Landfill last year as it was reaching capacity, and as a result the facility is now only operating as a transfer station. All of the shire’s non-recoverable waste is currently being transported to an off-site, interstate landfill for disposal.

A total of four landfill cells are proposed to provide a combined available landfill volume of approximately 450,000m3, to be filled in stages.

Based on projected waste input volumes for the shire, the approximate life of the proposed landfill is between 14.5 years (at current estimated waste collection rates) and up to 30 years with adopted recycling and green waste programs.

Back in 2010, Council adopted a concept plan for the proposed Myocum Quarry Landfill and subsequently completed an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Preliminary Landfill Environmental Plan (LEMP) to accompany the development application.

The purpose of the EIS is to identify any impacts that could potentially result from the construction and operation of the proposed Myocum Quarry Landfill and identifies measures that would minimise/mitigate against any such impacts on the surrounding environment and community.

The Preliminary LEMP provides guidance for Council to meet the New South Wales Environmental Guidelines: Solid Waste Landfills (Environment Protection Authority 1996), and predicts conditions of the Environmental Protection Licence issued for the activities conducted during operation of the proposed landfill. 

Specialist assessments have been completed in the following areas to inform the EIS and Preliminary LEMP, including:

  • Geotechnical and Hydrogeological
  • Planning
  • Traffic and Transport
  • Hydrology and Drainage
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Air Quality and Odour
  • Road Impact
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Landfill Leachate Water Balance Modelling, and
  • Landfill Gas Generation Modelling.

Public exhibition of the EIS will form part of the DA process and occur in mid November 2014.  The exhibition will be advertised in the Public Notices Section of the Byron Shire Echo.

Should you have any further questions regarding the Myocum Quarry Landfill, please contact Council’s Capital Project Officer Nikki Bourke on 02 6626 7000.

Current Quarry Environmental Protection Licence information