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Council working with sports groups to manage Byron Rec Ground

Byron Shire Council will work with local sporting groups and other traditional users of the Byron Bay Recreation (Rec) Ground to develop a Plan of Management for the land on the fringe of the town centre.

Byron Shire Mayor, Simon Richardson, said Councillors and staff had recently met with sporting groups to discuss the future management of the Rec Ground, and it was clear that they wanted sport to be the number one priority.

“In 2015 we consulted widely with sporting groups and other users of the Rec Grounds and the information we gathered as part of that process will now be used by staff to form a new Draft Plan of Management,” Mayor Richardson said.

“These passionate residents took the time to talk to us about their vision for the 5.1 hectare Rec Ground, and their wish was that it continue to be used for a wide range of sports including cricket, tennis, football, netball, soccer and hockey.

“Our message to the community is that sporting fixtures will remain the number one priority for the future management of the Byron Rec Ground,” Byron Shire Council Mayor Simon Richardson said.

“The contribution local sports clubs make to the Byron Bay community is immense, not just in terms of getting people active and moving, but the friendships and social interaction they inspire for people of all ages is equally important,” he said.

“The Byron Bay Recreation Ground has been used for sport for generations and that will continue to be the case well into the future,” Mayor Richardson said.

The Draft Byron Bay Recreation Ground Plan of Management will be developed in early 2018 and will be placed on exhibition for public comment.

For more information contact Phil Holloway, Director Infrastructure Services, on 6626 7000.

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