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Byron Council to reinforce two Main Arm causeways

Byron Shire Council has received a detailed report from specialist engineers about structural solutions for two causeways on Main Arm Road and work is underway to source the equipment for repairs that will improve access for local residents.

Tony Nash, Byron Shire Council’s Manager Works, said the report from the engineers was received on the 29 September, detailing several options which all involve the installation of extra reinforcing and concrete.

“On the advice of the engineers Council has decided to install steel plates across damaged sections of the causeways near the Kohinur Hall because this will allow us to more quickly remove the load limits on the causeways,” Mr Nash said.

“Five-tonne load limits were placed on the causeways earlier this month because of concerns about the structural integrity of the culverts,” he said.

“The causeways are a vital link for people on Main Arm Road and restoring heavy vehicle access as soon as we can is a priority, along with the safety of the community.

“Staff are working to have the load limits lifted as soon as possible, and are now sourcing quotes and materials for the installation of the steel plates.

“I expect to be able to provide more information by the end of next week,” he said.

“In the meantime the five-tonne load limits need to remain in place and residents will need to continue to make alternative arrangements to secure their water supply within the load limit.

“I understand the reduced load limits are causing some inconvenience but they are necessary to ensure the safety of the people using the causeways and I thank people for their understanding and cooperation,” Mr Nash said.

For more information contact Dan Strzina, Project Engineer, on 6626 7000.


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