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Take care on our shared pathways

Byron Shire Council’s director of infrastructure services, Phil Holloway, is warning bicycle riders not to ride through pedestrian only footpaths and to take extra caution on shared pathways.

It comes following complaints a number of people have been seen riding bicycles on footpaths, obstructing pedestrians and causing safety concerns.

“While we encourage both walking and cycling in our town centres, we really hope to see both forms of transport moving harmoniously along footpaths and shared pathways.”

“To ensure this, it’s important to consider the user rules for the pathway you are taking,” Mr Holloway said.

“Bicycle riders are encouraged to stick to shared pathways, which are signposted and marked to aid them to share with pedestrians.

“When riding along a shared pathway, keep to the left at all times unless it is impractical to do so, and give way to pedestrians.

“Take care at all times and adjust your speed to your surroundings.

“Always use your bell or horn to sound warning and notify other users of the shared pathway when you are approaching,” Mr Holloway explained.

“Please also be particularly careful around young children, older pedestrians and animals,” he said.

Bicycle riders must not ride on a footpath. However there are exceptions for children under the age of 12 years who can ride on a foothpath unless there is a ‘No Bicycles’ sign in place.

For more information on road rules for cyclists in NSW:

Shared pathways are marked with the following signage:                 

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