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Main Beach Car Park and Apex Park Patrols

Illegal camping and littering in Main Beach car park over the weekend, sees multiple fines and court attendance notices issued.

On the weekend of the 25 and 26 March 2017, Byron Shire Council enforcement officers  carried out targeted operations in Main Beach Car Park and Apex Park with the assistance of Police.

The strong presence was due to multiple community complaints in regards to illegal camping, littering and alcohol consumption at Main Beach car park and the foreshore.

During the course of the operation, Council issued five court attendance notices for illegal camping.  A campervan was also impounded as a result of occupant’s  failure to comply with numerous requests to remove the vehicle and  their  recalcitrant behaviour.

Council officers also issued three  on the spot fines for illegal camping and four fines for littering.

Council’s community enforcement team leader Andrew Hill said “one particular camper had received 17 parking fines and on Saturday morning he was found sleeping in his car. This particular camper was issued with a $250 littering fine and a court attendance notice for illegal camping.”

“Another van was fitted with stolen number plates, which were removed by the Police on Sunday. The occupant of this vehicle was served with a court attendance notice for illegal camping on Saturday morning and was asked to remove his van from the car park, which had been parked in the same location for at least 3 days.

“This morning the same van had not been moved. Littering fines were issued to the occupant. The van was towed away and impounded,” he said.

Mr Hill said that littering as a result of camping in Main Beach Car Park is overloading public bins, particularly the bins located at the western entrance to Apex Park.

Council officers carried out evening patrols in Apex Park for compliance with alcohol free zones and 16 cautions were given.

Mr Hill said the public using Apex Park during the course of Council patrols over the weekend were well behaved and those given cautions complied.

Top 4 Council in littering enforcement

On Friday 24 March 2017 the NSW Environment Protection Authority commended Council for its effort in enforcing littering laws.

In a letter to Council, the NSW Environment Protection Authority said “in 2016 Byron Shire Council issued 6 penalty notices for littering from vehicles and 71 face-to-face fines for littering. The EPA acknowledges and commends Byron Shire Council for actively enforcing face-to-face littering offences. This is a fantastic effort from a regional council and ranks Byron Shire Council fourth of any NSW council including metropolitan councils.”

Mr Hill said that given the large amount of law enforcement resources available to many of the metropolitan Councils, Byron Shire Council has shown its commitment to protecting the environment.

“Council enforcement staff are thrilled at the result and are motivated to continue their good work,” he said.


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