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New name needed for the North Ocean Shores Sports Field

Byron Shire Council is seeking name suggestions for the new North Ocean Shores Sports Field.

Do you know a local person whom you believe the field should be named after?  Or is there a word or phrase that has special local meaning and or historical significance?

While the current name is an accurate description of the field, the name (and its acronym “NOSSF”) is a bit of a mouthful.

The suggestions will be reported to Council and the selected name sent to the NSW Geographic Names Board for approval.

NSW Geographic Names Board guidelines favour avoiding duplicated names, common names or names that are difficult to pronounce.

Names with an Aboriginal origin or a historical background are also preferred.

If the proposed name is that of a person, the guidelines prefer it to be a posthumous naming, but there is discretion to honour a living person.

Name suggestion submissions are to be made in writing Byron Shire Council’s capital projects officer, Nikki Bourke via email or post to Byron Shire Council, PO Box 219, Mullumbimby 2482.

Submissions Close:  4pm, Friday 31 March 2017.

Construction of the North Ocean Shores Sports Field was completed at the end of 2016 and it’s currently home to the Shores United senior teams.

But, there are time slots available for additional field usage.  Phone Byron Shire Council on  6685 9315 to find out about availability.

Media contact:

Media Communication Officer
Byron Shire Council
Ph: 02 6626 7320

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