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Norfolk Pine to be removed from Byron beachfront

A Norfolk Pine in Apex Park will be removed due to deterioration and safety concerns.

The tree is opposite the Beach Hotel in Bay Street, Byron Bay, and subject to weather will be removed mid-February.

Byron Shire Council’s director of infrastructure services, Phil Holloway, said concerns over the leaning tree had seen a recent independent arborists inspection take place.

“Unfortunately the report has come back that the tree has deteriorated further in the past year and there is a possibility of it falling.

“The risk is too high for people and motorists in the highly visited location and the decision has been made to remove the tree,” he said.

The cause of the tree’s deterioration was likely due to past physical damage from repeated vehicle impacts to the trunk when Bay Street was two way.

The tree will be removed and a permeable plastic grid laid to allow parking.  A new three metre high juvenile tree will then be planted

On a positive note, Mr Holloway said a recent inspection of the Norfolk Pines on Shirley Street had shown that the health of these trees was improving due to the treatment program.

The Shirley Street trees sustained significant damage a few years back due to storm and hail damage.


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