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Crack down on footpath garage sales

Thinking about holding a garage sale?  Then please make sure it’s held on your property and not on the footpath or the road reserve.

Fines may apply if you choose to hold your garage sale outside of your property.

Byron Shire Council is continuing to receive large numbers of complaints about garage sales being held on public footpaths and reserves. 

Byron Shire Council’s Manager of Sustainable Development, Wayne Bertram, advised that garage sales can only be held on private property and that items related to the sale must remain within the property boundaries.

“Complaints about the stalls were on safety and liability issues due to tripping hazards, cars parking on corners and the visual clutter of the items.

“It is also becoming apparent that people are renting footpath space from adjoining property owners to conduct these sales,” he said.

Council enforcement officers will be out and about enforcing this issue especially in known hot spots.

“Most of the stall holders are young people, some from overseas, who were simply not aware that a garage sale including signage needs to be held inside a property’s boundary and not on the roadside verge,” Mr Bertram said.

“Items for sale included second hand personal items to bulk manufactured clothing that would have been better sold at a community market.

“Penalties for setting up a garage sale on roadside verge or street corner, could see an on the spot fine of between $110 and $3,000 being issued.”

Garage sales are a great way to recycle things you don’t use any longer and make a bit of money.

You do not need to apply for a permit to hold a garage sale on your property. Just ensure the sale is inside your property boundary.

All advertising signs should be placed within the boundaries of your property and not on the footpath, power poles, trees or at street corners. You must ensure that they do not encroach on to the footpath area.

It’s also a great idea to invite other family members or friends to bring along their items for sale as this provides a wider selection of goods. And if car parking is tight, think about moving your car so you can provide sufficient car parking for buyers.

Plus, as a courtesy, let your neighbours know that you are holding a garage sale.

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