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West Byron DCP to be peer reviewed prior to endorsement

The draft West Byron Development Control Plan (DCP) is to be independently peer reviewed prior to Byron Shire Council endorsement.

The review will include traffic, water, flood management and frog and koala habitats. Once completed, it will be reported to the first Byron Shire Council meeting in 2017 for consideration.

Mayor Simon Richardson the West Byron development had raised concern for many in the community.

“In taking on board those concerns, Council and staff have invested considerable time and thorough processes to ensure that we arrive at the best outcome.

“Working through the environmental sensitivities of the site, has been a challenge. However, the peer reviews will allow another level of confidence to ensure we end up with a plan that is the best it can be.

“The unknown, is if the Department of Planning and Environment will allow the additional time for the peer review to occur,” he said.

If the department is not supportive of the time extension, Byron Shire Council will endorse the DCP without the peer reviews.  

The peer reviews will then take place after the West Byron DCP is approved and further amendments then brought back to Council if required.

Council also adopted a number of amendments to the draft West Byron DCP including:

  • identifying the Wallum frog habitat
  • greater provision of street network layout to ensure biodiversity is retained
  • mitigation of impacts on threatened species
  • monitoring of Belongil Creek impacts
  • water sensitive urban housing to be based on piers, bearers and joists
  • housing based on zero emissions. 

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