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Marriage Equality

Have your Wedding in Byron Shire

Byron Shire Council offers the following services for same sex couples wanting to marry in the Byron Shire:

  • A Byron Shire Certificate of Marriage - this certificate, although not legally enforceable, is offered for same sex marriage ceremonies within the Byron Shire.
  • The Mayor, or other Councillors, are available to present the certificate at the ceremony if requested and if availability permits
  • A Registry of Marriage for same sex couples is kept at Byron Shire Council offices to record marriages within the Byron Shire.

If you would like to take up this offer, please complete the relevant forms available from the right hand side of this page. There is a small fee for both the registration and certificate.

Contact Council: Phone 6626 7000 or Email

Marriage Equality - A Human Right

In March 2013 Byron Shire Council resolved (13-125) to support marriage equality.

Denying same-sex couples the right to marry is discriminatory, and a violation of their human rights.  As Amnesty International has commented, it is concerning that anything less than full and equal recognition of same-sex marriage insinuates that relationships between same-sex couples are not as valuable as relationships between heterosexual couples.  Sending such messages of institutional inequity is damaging to society generally, and to young people particularly, whatever their sexual orientation.

As a first step, Byron Shire Council has written to Federal Senators and Parliamentary party leaders urging them to support the passage of the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2013.

Byron Shire Council believes that equality in the recognition of relationship status is appropriate in our modern Australian society.  As our society evolves, our children grow up, and our community welcomes new members from other cultures, it is vital that we are seen to be demonstrating what equity and inclusion means in practice.  Indeed it is by our actions today on issues such as marriage equality that we will strongly influence the community of our future.

Council has adopted the following Proclamation of Local Government Support for Marriage Equality and has written to all local government area's across Australia requesting each Council consider adopting a similar proclamation.

Marriage Equality Proclamation

We believe that marriage between two loving and committed adults, regardless of gender and sexuality, deserves to be celebrated, validated and acknowledged.
We believe that when people's love is not recognised by law, it is that law that needs to change.
We believe our elected leaders have a responsibility to protect the rights of all citizens.
We believe that Marriage Equality is about human rights and respect.
We believe in celebrating diversity and inclusion in our society.
We, of Byron Shire Council, proclaim our support for Marriage Equality.
It's time for legislation to support Marriage Equality.